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Avoiding Parental Alienation

One parent should not create an obstacle between their kids and the other parent. Emotions often flair when couples get divorced, but children should not be caught in the middle.

I am attorney Kathryn Beeman with more than 20 years of experience practicing extensively in family law. My top priority is to protect your parenting rights, while working diligently to help you move forward with your life. Call my law office today at 816-781-4403 to schedule a consultation.

Parental Alienation And Child Custody

When emotions spiral out of control, people make poor decisions — often at the expense of their children and ex-spouse. Parents have been known to make false allegations about an ex-spouse’s failure to pay child support. Disparaging remarks may be used to keep one parent from seeing their children.

These developments often evolve into serious modification cases to change the parameters around child custody. I am an aggressive family law attorney prepared to seek a contempt order to stop parental alienation. I gather as much evidence as possible such as text messages, emails or witness statements to show that your ex-spouse is keeping you from seeing your children.

When appropriate, I request that judges meet with children in a private, confidential interview to understand their perspectives. Children do not have an opportunity to choose who they want to live with, but judges will talk with kids who understand the difference between truth and a lie. This approach often helps judges understand which household is best suited for the children.

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I offer a compassionate, yet aggressive approach. I encourage clients to remain patient and document every situation when they are alienated from their children. I will vigorously work with the court to protect your rights. Contact my law firm to schedule a consultation.