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Revisiting Child Custody And Child Support Orders

Although you have child support and child custody agreements in place, people move, lose jobs and re-marry. Family dynamics change over time. The law allows for modification of these arrangements to reflect new realities.

I am attorney Kathryn Beeman with more than 20 years experience practicing extensively in Missouri family law. I help clients work out child support and custody modifications. My legal background also enables me to enforce divorce agreements to protect clients’ rights. Call my law office today at 816-781-4403 to schedule a consultation.

Help For Child Support And Custody Modifications

I strive carefully to understand my clients’ unique situations. I help clients overcome emotional barriers by communicating how I can help them. I clearly explain specific factors the court reviews when determining if child support and custody agreements can be modified, such as:

  • One parent relocates, e.g. with a new job opportunity
  • Ex-spouse’s income increases or decreases, affecting child support
  • Job loss prompts parent to offer day care services for their children
  • An oIder child desires to live with the other parent
  • Former partner alienating the kids from their other parent
  • Evidence of domestic violence by ex-spouse

Child support does not necessarily end when a young adult turns 18. In Missouri, parents are obligated to pay until their child turns 21. If the child goes on to college or vocational school and satisfies certain requirements, support must continue.

Enforcing Child Support

If your ex-spouse or former partner has failed to pay child support, I will fight aggressively for you and your children. A motion of contempt may be warranted when child support is late or unpaid.

At no charge, the clerk’s office will send a notice to your ex-spouse’s employer to help you collect the money. My legal services are most advantageous if your ex-spouse is significantly late on paying you a large amount of money.

Is It Time To Make A Change?

Custody and support modifications are complicated. I am well-prepared to effectively guide your family in these matters. Contact my law firm today to schedule a consultation.