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Missouri’s Child Support Law And Form 14

In 1989, the Missouri Supreme Court issued guidelines for creating a more rigid and predictable way of calculating child support in cases of divorce, using what became known as Form 14. These guidelines are based on the gross incomes of each parent.

Many parents agree on the numbers to be placed into Form 14. But for others, there are substantial disagreements about the specific amounts to be used. It’s not uncommon for both sides to come up with entirely different results. Call me at 816-781-4403 to arrange a consultation.

Working To Establish Fair Support

I have been working with Form 14 and questions of child support since the Missouri Supreme Court enacted the guidelines almost 20 years ago, and I have a full range of experience in making the rules work for you.

I begin by trying to negotiate with the other parent to come to a common agreement about how to deal with child support issues. As always, I find that the best results happen when the parties do not rely on judges and support calculation worksheets to define their rights and responsibilities. Not only are the results better when the parents work together, but also the process tends to go faster and cost you less money.

But the divorce process can be contentious and bring out the worst in people, and when you can’t reason with the other parent, you will need an attorney who can fight for you in court.

I have 20 years of experience making Missouri’s child support laws work for my clients. Take advantage of my consultation by contacting me today.

Collecting What’s Owed

When you are owed child support payments, but not receiving them, you have a couple of different options. Your first option, which I tell every potential client who walks through my door, is to contact your local child support enforcement office and pursue the matter through it free of charge.

It’s true that you don’t have to pay a lawyer to help you collect back child support, but unfortunately operating through the enforcement office is often a long and drawn-out process. Working through an attorney often helps move the process along more quickly.

If you have issues regarding child support, I can provide you with experience and a client-focused approach. Contact me to schedule a consultation to discuss your case.