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Protecting Your Parental Rights In Child Custody Relocation Disputes

One of the most contentious issues divorced or separated parents must contend with is when one seeks to move out of town or out of state with the child. With a custody order in place, the custodial parent cannot simply move without a court order or the other parent’s permission. To navigate these complex issues, parents in Liberty and throughout surrounding areas turn to Kathryn L. Beeman, Attorney at Law.

As a family law attorney with more than 20 years of experience, I can help you understand your rights and options under Missouri child custody relocation laws. I am committed to protecting my clients’ parental rights and the best interests of their children. Call my Liberty office at 816-781-4403.

Navigating A Parent Move-Away Case

When a court considers a parental relocation, as with any custody modification, the overriding concern is protecting the best interests of the child. For the relocating parent to obtain court permission, he or she must demonstrate a significant and material change in circumstances, suggest new custody terms, and be flexible in making sure the other parent maintains regular communication and reasonable visitation time with the child.

Strict timelines apply. The petitioning parent must notify the other parent of his or her intent to move within 60 days of the proposed relocation. The other parent then has 30 days in which to respond. If the nonmoving parent consents, then the relocation can move forward. If not, the matter must be decided by a court.

In parental relocation cases, I explore creative solutions designed to ensure that both parents maintain a meaningful role in the child’s life. I understand that compromise is not always possible when your relationship with your child is on the line. When necessary, I am always prepared to aggressively defend my clients’ parental rights in court. It will usually be necessary to modify the custody order and the parenting plan, and perhaps child support, to reflect the new visitation schedule and travel costs.

Talk With An Attorney Who Can Protect Your Rights

If you are seeking legal representation for a parental relocation matter or any family law issue in Missouri, I am here for you. To arrange your initial consultation, please contact my Liberty law office by telephone at 816-781-4403 or online by filling out a brief contact form.