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Moving Forward

Most of the people who walk through my door are looking for a lawyer to help them move forward with their life. Though there are almost always hurt feelings, frustration and sadness associated with divorce, the direction I try to turn my clients toward is one of working toward a settlement. Not only do I find that my clients end up with a better result, but they feel a greater sense of closure.

Sometimes, however, we have to fight for your rights. That's when my 10 years of experience as a family law attorney to work for you.

Fighting for Your Rights

There are many issues that must be addressed during the divorce process, including:

The courts in Missouri focus on dividing property and assets collected during the marriage fairly, but not necessarily equally, between the spouses. How that property is divided may also be determined by negotiation between the two sides. In many cases, this is the preferred method of dividing marital property.

I educate you on what you can expect to receive from a court settlement, and then try to put you on a path toward negotiation or mediation. This is may be your best course toward getting what you want from the divorce.

However, there are some issues on which people have very little room for negotiation, and that is most commonly the right to be part of your children's lives. While we can use mediation and negotiation as a starting point, if the other side is unreasonable in its demands, I am prepared to defend your rights in court.

However you want to approach your divorce, you need a lawyer who will work with you as well as for you. Contact me online or by phone at 816-781-4403 to schedule a consultation.