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Creating equal-time parenting plans for your children

Despite the widespread misconception that custody courts favor the mother, judges are prioritizing equal time with both parents more than ever before. Most judges recognize the importance of preserving relationships between the child and both parents, so they look for more versatile parenting plans.

There are a few options to consider to embrace equal parenting time.

Split each week equally

If you have ever heard someone talk about every other weekend and one night a week, you know what the standard visitation schedule used to look like. Unfortunately, the parent on the visitation schedule received a fraction of the time that the custodial parent did. Instead of this, consider splitting the weeks evenly so that the children spend three days with you and three days with the other parent. Splitting it up into three-day increments keeps things even with an uneven number of days in the week.

Alternate custody weekly

Another option to ensure equal time with each parent is to alternate custody weekly so that your children spend a week at a time with each of you. This allows for more quality, meaningful time with each parent without the rush of going back and forth every couple of days.

Encouraging your child’s relationship with both of you is important for their development and confidence. Consider these options in lieu of the limited traditional visitation so that you both get equal time with the children. As the kids get older, you can modify the schedule even further, but these options provide a strong basis.