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3 rules to live by when dating during divorce

Everything matters in a divorce case. Your character, your choices and your judgment are all under scrutiny.

It can be tricky to date others before officially finalizing a divorce. Follow these tips to protect your case.

1. Assume your spouse is recording you in conversations

If you are with someone new and you feel like telling your spouse “my new person is so much better than you because…” think twice. Whatever you say to them may come back to haunt you. Whether in person or on the phone, ask yourself whether you want this conversation played out loud in open court.

2. Monitor your social media posts

It is tempting to get back at your ex by posting happy photos of yourself with someone new. But if you do that while the divorce proceedings are ongoing, your Facebook or Insta post could show up as evidence against you. When it comes to your dating life, use social media sparingly, if at all.

3. Leave the kids out of it

While some research groups such as the National Academy of Sciences report lesser impacts on children from divorce (claiming that divorce does not uniformly impact a child’s long-term educational achievement), the last thing a child going through divorce needs is meeting mom or dad’s new special friend. Children are often wondering if both parents still love them and whether the divorce was their fault. Keep your dating life separate from your parenting so your children can process one thing at a time.