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What not to post on social media during your divorce

Social media is a way to connect with friends and share daily happenings. Going through a divorce takes up a significant amount of your time, energy, and headspace, so sharing your experience on your social accounts may seem natural.

Emotions can run high during the divorce process, and the things you post on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other accounts can directly affect your settlement.

Do not bash your spouse

You are likely to feel upset sometimes, but even carefully-worded, subtle jabs at your spouse can hurt your case. Derogatory remarks can make you look bad in court and anger your spouse, making it more challenging to settle amicably.

Do not post anything related to spending money

You want to secure an equitable division of your marital assets. Posting photos of expensive purchases or vacations can negatively affect the negotiations and outcomes.

Do not share your new relationship on social accounts

You may want to post photos with your new love interest or talk about your dating experiences. However, you should wait until you finalize your divorce to avoid damaging your case.

Do not post events that may hurt your custody arrangement

Your crazy night out with friends needs to stay off social media. Your behavior is under scrutiny when you are creating parenting plans. Do not allow followers or friends to tag you in photos or posts either.

Even with privacy settings, your social media activity may end up as part of your divorce. Before you post anything, determine if you would want a judge to see it. Taking a break from social media altogether helps avoid potential issues.