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Should you date during divorce?

You have already filed for divorce, but it may take time before you finalize the process and start the next chapter of your life in Missouri. You recently met someone new, a person you have a romantic interest in. Should you date during the divorce process?

You do not want to deprive yourself of what may be a solid relationship, but you also do not want to put your divorce in jeopardy. Find out what to consider when navigating these tricky waters.

The divorce timeline

Maybe you should give yourself some time before you start dating. On the other hand, you may have endured a loveless marriage for years before filing for divorce. The decision about whether it is too soon to pursue a new relationship is one that only you can make. Have an open and honest conversation with yourself about what you need right now and what you feel ready for.

Kids and other responsibilities 

If you and your soon-to-be-ex-spouse share kids, you also need to think about them and their needs when deciding whether you should date during divorce. You may find it exhausting to juggle dating, taking care of your kids (and building a custody case), working and taking proper care of yourself. While you may feel ready to date, you may have too much going on right now to give another person the time and energy necessary to build a relationship.

Open honesty with a potential partner

Besides yourself and your kids, you also need to think about the person you want to date. Can she or he handle dating a person going through divorce? Are you comfortable with sharing details of your split with this person?

If so, which details should you share and which should you keep to yourself for now? Could this person potentially jeopardize your divorce by sharing details of your new relationship on social media, where your current spouse may come across and use them against you?

Dating during divorce could serve as more of a complication than you realize. With so much at stake, you owe it to yourself to look at the situation from every angle possible.