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Making Your Family Whole

Adoption is a positive end to what can sometimes be the worst of circumstances:

  • When you've had to take over guardianship for a minor who has suffered abandonment, abuse or neglect.
  • When your spouse's ex-wife or ex-husband has abandoned her or his children, and you want to make them a legal member of your family.
  • When the biological parent is no longer fit to raise his or her children, and you've stepped in to make those kids a part of your family.

There are numerous reasons that people seek to make someone else's child a permanent part of their family. It is the ultimate resolution to some of the most tragic problems, and it is a new start for both adoptive parents and children alike.

Step Parent Adoption

It's important to remember that the courts are most interested in what's the best course of action for the child. Usually this means maintaining relationships between the children and parents. But when those relationships are toxic, dangerous or deadly, you may pursue a step parent adoption.

Step parent adoption requires that you are legally married to one of the child's biological parents, along with reasonable expectations about your financial standing and your lack of a serious criminal record. You also need an attorney on your side that can not only guide you through the process of adoption, but who can also advise you on how best to present yourself to the court and child care professionals.

Adoption From Guardianships

When a family member is no longer qualified to raise a child and you have been named the child's legal guardian, then you may consider taking the next step and pursue adoption. This is most commonly an option if the parent has abandoned the child for at least six months, typically longer. The court is always most concerned with what is the safest and most healthy environment for the child.

Parental rights are not easy to terminate, but my office has successfully handled numerous adoptions by a step parent, and we have the experience to help make your family whole. Contact me and put my two decades of experience to work for you.