A Client
Focused Approach

The family law process can be intimidating. Whether you are facing a divorce, disputing child custody or adopting your stepchild, you have many questions and concerns. Put my 20 years of legal experience to work for you. I will guide you through the legal system, keeping you involved at every step so you can make the best decisions for you and your family.

Kathryn L. Beeman

Experienced, friendly and focused on family law


I protect your interests as we work out the details of property division, spousal support and related issues in the divorce process.

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Custody & Support

So much centers around your children. I’ll help you resolve custody, paternity, child support, relocations or modifications of orders.

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Family Law

I help you navigate tricky family law issues like stepparent adoption or legal guardianship of a child in your extended family.

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Providing Reliable Family Law For
The Kansas City Area

On Your Side

Most of my clients are ordinary hard-working people who simply want to protect their home and their kids’ well-being. I am a strong advocate for my clients, but I am also sensitive to the costs. I try to avoid long drawn-out conflicts, encouraging negotiation and mediation when possible. But when it’s time to fight, I bring years of courtroom experience to your case.

Family law is all I do. I have a reputation for getting good results in these complex and emotionally tangled matters. I believe that communication and personal service is the key, knowing that you are trusting me with very personal issues.

One Step
At A Time

A common concern is not knowing where to even start. We start at the beginning, with me working as your guide. For example, you don’t need years’ worth of tax forms and government documents to start a divorce proceeding; you only need some basic information that you probably already know.

I offer a client-centered approach with a personal touch. I take the time to learn about you, your family, your goals and your expectations. Then I will educate you about the process and give you solid advice at each stage. My mission is to support you and advocate for you through these difficult times.

I serve the Kansas City metro area. I invite you to schedule a time that we can talk about your family law issue and how I can help.